Our Staff

Our team currently consists of the following staff:


Mr Phil Thomson

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Thomas

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Thomson, Mrs E Thomas, Miss R Halsall and Mrs C Preston


Mrs C Preston


Mrs E Thomas

Year One

Mrs C Preston and Mrs F Adam

Year Two

Ms H Hudson and Mrs N Brown

Year Three

Mrs N Hopgood and Mrs N Brown

Year Four

Miss J Moss

Year Five

Miss Lovelock

Year Six

Miss R Halsall


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Comstive, Mrs. E. Heaven, Mrs C. Dolman, Mrs J. Williams, Ms H Hudson, Mrs A. Maiden, Mrs L Lawson, Mrs R Hawthorn, Mrs N Sleeman, Mrs S Fitzsimons, Mrs H Maxwell, Mrs R Kendrick, Ms G Godfrey and Ms C Dagnall


Office Manager

Mrs H Bond while Mrs A. Smith is on maternity leave


Lunchtime Welfare Staff

Mrs J. Kelly Miss C Schlacter, Mrs S Patel, Mrs N Sleeman, Mrs R Kendrick



Mr C Thomas