School Council


What do we do?

Each year we nominate two representative from each year group, from Year 2 to Year 6, to share the views and ideas of our classes.

This year, our School Council pupils are...

Year 3: Brannan and Megan 

Year 4: Jenson and Myla 

Year 5: Izaak and Kacey 

Year 6: Marley and Maxwell 

Being on the School Council gives us the opportunity to discuss and make decisions about issues that affect us, our class and our school, so we all have a part in making our school and community a better place. The children are supported by Miss Moss with their projects. We work closely with other Sefton schools to organise events to raise awareness and money to support local and larger charities. 


Fylde Road Chippy

Our year started with a treat and a team building exercise for the School Council and JOY team to Fyld Road Chippy to take part in a workshop based around healthy eating and a balanced diet. The children identified different types of fish and learnt about where the chip shop's produce came from. They had a great time making their own fishcakes and they tasted incredible! 




















Staff Portraits

We worked with the JOY team for this project and we were all very excited about doing it! Our staff board in our school entrance was looking a little bit dull so, we wanted to update it so we decided to carry out this project. We wanted the children in our school to draw the teachers and take some ownership of designing our staff board. You can imagine the staff were a little bit worried! We took pictures of each member of staff and decided who would draw who for each class. 

Once all the children had drawn the staff portraits, the School Council and JOY team met up and voted which portrait was the best resemblance of each teacher. We were astonished at the portraits all of the children had drawn - they were incredible! This made it even harder to vote but we had a great time voting together. You can see our teacher portraits on our website and in our school entrance! 







Children In Need

For Children in Need in November we wanted to do something different to having a MUFTI day so we decided to raise money by making lemonade, juice and toast and selling them to the whole school and raised £108! It was a really tough challenge and we were exhausted after it, but extremely proud of ourselves for working so well together as a team! We can't wait for our next challenge... 





Christmas Fair

We wanted to do something fun at the christmas fair for the rest of the school! So, we decided to make feely boxes with different Christmas items inside like artificial snow, christmas hat and baubles. We charged 30p for a go in each box! We made some posters to go around the school to advertise our stall. We each had a go at running the stall and managing the money. We worked so well as a team and had a great time! 








Our School Behaviour Policy

St John's recently updated its school Behaviour Policy. School Council were asked to contribute towards adapting our behaviour policy. We were tasked with discussing with our classes what behaviour means, examples of different types of behaviour and what sanctions or rewards would be most effective. We participated in valuable discussions with our classes and fed back to the staff within the Senior Leadership Team. These ideas were put forward and you will see many of them in our updated Behaviour Policy. At St John's, we value and take on board ideas from the very heart of our school, our children. 


Love My Community Event

For Southport Learning Partnership, each year schools hold a ‘Love My Community’ event every February and choose a different charity to support each year. This year, 23 schools including ours raised money for Marfan Trust. We wore MUFTI and funky glasses and donated £1. Our school raised £140 and in totally across all of the schools, £6452.12. A news article was posted on ‘In Your Area’ to congratulate our support to Marfan Syndrome. 

Running up to the event, School Council had a huge part to play in organising it. We wrote the letter informing all children and guardians of the event and why we were raising money for Marfan Syndrome. We also prepared and delivered an assembly to the rest of the school. Once again, we showed excellent team work. 








Our Projects so far...

Parents, visitors and ourselves were concerned about the safety of everybody in our local community and those attending our school. So we wanted to make people feel safer. We had received an email that people were not parking safely so we wanted to address the matter. We thought it'd be a good idea to send a letter our to our families to encourage them to park safely around school. Years 5 and 6 met with Miss Moss and drafted a letter to parents. Once Mr Thomson approved our letter, we signed it and sent it out to all of our families, with the help of Mrs Bond! 


Children In Need

This year we decided that we wanted to raise awareness and money for Children In Need. We wanted to think of a different idea to last year and a fundraising idea that would excite our pupils. Year 2 and 3 came up with the idea of buying a pudsey bear for each bubble in our school (R,Y1, Y2,3, 4 and Y5, Y6) and asking pupils to donate 50p to guess the names of the bears. We decided on the bears names and then we would have 3 lucky winners! We also wanted to have a MUFTI day so we asked for a donation of £1. We wrote a letter to our parents, signed it and posted it on our online platform, Class Dojo. 

We had lots of fun and everyone enjoyed trying to guess the bears' names! In total, we raised £277.66 for Children In Need. We know this money is being donated to a fantastic charity which provides endless support for families across the country. 






Red Nose Day 

The aim of this year for Comic Relief was to have fun and to make people laugh. Year 3 and 4 School Council got together to discuss what we could do to ensure children and staff would have a fun day. We decided that jokes make people laugh, games and bright colours. So that is what we did! We created a letter to send to families telling them what the plan was and we asked for a donation of £1. 

A big thank you for all of the donations today for Comic Relief. We raised £191.00 in total which is absolutely fantastic! The children have had lots of fun today telling jokes, playing games and doing Red Nose Day activities. It's amazing how much fun you can have with a balloon! Here are some photos to share with you.





Love My Community supporting Queenscourt Hospice 

As part of Love My Community, we chose to support Queenscourt Hospice this year with our fundraising. It is a really special year for our local hocpice, as Queenscourt celebrate their Pearl Anniversary. From 1991 to the present day, their dedicated team of nurses, doctors, educators and support staff have provided exceptional care and support for over 50,000 patients across West Lancashie, Southport and Formby, as well as their families and carers. 

To show our support to Queenscourt, we invited all pupils and staff to join in with our "We Can Wear a Rainbow" mufti day on Friday 28th May. We wanted to make our school as bright and colourful as we can, from the hair on our heads down to the socks onour toes! We raised a whopping £216.00 for Queenscourt Hospice. Thank you to all of our families for supporting such a fantastic cause. We created rainbows in our bubbles and this is how they turned out...

Reception and Year 1 

Year R, Y1.png


Year 2, 3 and 4 

Year 2,3,4.png


Year 5 and 6 

Year 5. 6.png


We received a thank you from Queenscourt Hospice for the money that we raised as a school. They also sent a letter to share that £6,500 was raised for the hospice to which they were totally overwhelmed by. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 14.34.39.png