Toy Service

Thank you to all the members of the JOY team and other members of the school family who attended Church this morning to pass over all of the chocolate collected by pupils at St. John's this year. Four masive hampers were filled which were then donated to Southport Rotary who will distribute the chocolate - and presents donated by the congregation at St. John's - to children across Southport who have suffered bereavements.

We were delighted to see such COMPASSION in our school which resulted in such a huge number of choccy bars being donated. Diane from Rotary was delighted and can not wait to pass on her thanks to the whole school when she visits next week. In addition to showing our value this half term of THANKFULNESS, Diane will be introducing our next fundraising idea in school....

Thank you to Father Chris and Mrs Corbett for leading such a lovely service this morning and to the members of the JOY team and their families who gave up their time this morning for the benefit of others.