Admissions to St. John's

All applications for a place in Reception at St. John's must be made through Sefton.  Please click on the link below to view the latest admission arrangements for children due to start Reception in September 2021.  I would strongly encourage you to come and visit St. John's as that is the only way you will feel the wonderful ethos evident throughout our wonderful school.  As Headteacher, I am always happy to show you around and show you a little of what makes us so special...

We currently admit a maximum of 30 children into our Reception class each September, with pupils being admitted in the order below:

1. Children who are Looked After

2. Siblings of Children who already attend St. John's

3. How far away you live from the school.

Should your child already be school age and you are either moving to the area or looking for a change of school, I would recommend you ring us in the first instance. We will be able to inform you whether there are places in that year group and tell you about the process for in-year school transfers.  Once again, the admission process is handled by Sefton but we are always happy to help!


The link for Sefton Admissions is


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