Our Gallery

Eid Cards, by Miss Moss

Circuit Class!, by R Halsall

Skipping!, by R Halsall

Book Tasting, by Gemma Lovelock

Les Feux D’Artifice, by Gemma Lovelock

Chinese New Year, by Gemma Lovelock

Easter 2021, by Nicola Hopgood

Easter 2021, by E Thomas

Easter craft., by H Hudson

Mother's Day 2021, by E Thomas

World Book Day 2021, by Jenny Moss

National Reflection Day, by Jenny Moss

The Gingerbread Man, by E Thomas

Shrove Tuesday, by E Thomas

Space, by E Thomas

Egyptian Boxes, by Miss Moss

Remembrance Day, by Mrs Thompson

Fireworks in Year 3, by Mrs Thompson

Dominoes, by Mrs Thompson

Tree collage and labels, by Mrs Preston

Portraits, by Mrs Preston