Year 6 Happy Half Term - LOOK AT THIS

Dear Year 6,

hope you are enjoying your half term and all your bumps and bruises and tiredness are recovering. As I am missing you already I thought I'd send some EXTRA homework (I know, I know - you can thank me when we return to school). This one is Miss Halsall's lovely website treasure hunt - I forgot to hand it out in all the excitement of practice SAT questionssmileylaugh. You have to navigate through the school website and find the answers to her questions. There are prizes on offer for correct answers!

1. What is the current Year 2 topic?

2. What is the Year 5 computer focus?

3. What book is Year 6 reading? (Come must know this one)

4. What animal have Year 1 been reading about?

5. What do Year 3 like sharing?

6 and 7. Year 4 are ______________ safe and _____________.

8. What was the netball score against Marshside?

9. Who went to the gymnastics competition in February?

10. What is the free e-safety magazine called?

11. What Christian value will we be looking at in term 5?

Finally, what is your favourite part of the website?

What would you like to see on our website?


Have a fun half term, relax and play (and try some of those tricky questions). See you soon. Mrs A x