Science Experiment: Heating and Cooling: Making Jelly!

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 4 Year: 2020 - 2021

In Science, we have been doing Chemistry - looking at the changing of states: solid, liquid and gasses. We carried out a Science investigation to see how states could change using the heating and cooling process. Miss Moss thought what better way to do this than to make jelly! Some of us had made jelly before but we'd never really thought about the science behind it. We quickly realised that all states are involved in the making of jelly. We made some predictions of what we thought would happen and were encouraged to use some scientific language when making our prediction. We worked in groups to make the jelly and we recorded our results in our book. We left the jelly for 2 days to set and to observe the cooling process. Some of the jelly had formed a layer of ice on top which made us think about different temperatures within the fridge depending on where the jelly was placed. We really enjoyed our experiment, especially when we were able to eat it with some jelly and chocolate!