Admissions to St. John's

All applications for a pupil place at St. John's must be made through Sefton - this is for children due to start school in Reception and for those who wish to move to us part way through the school journey.  The process for each type of admission is outlined below.

Whether it be for a place in Reception at the start of the primary school journey; or joing us later on, you are always sure of a warm and thorough welcme at St. John's and we look forward to welcoming you to our school family, where our foundations are firmly built on JOY! If you would like further persuasion about the benfits of joining such a wonderful school family as us, I have included links below to some of the comments made by parent's in our last survey and also the results of our annual Reception transition survey!


Applications for a place in Reception 

Children start school in the September prior to their 5th birthday with the start of the school year being September 1st and the end of the academic year being 31st August.  To start primary school in September 2022, children will have been born between September 1st 2017 and 31st August 2018.

Please click on the link below to view the latest admission arrangements for children due to start Reception in September 2022.  I would strongly encourage you to come and visit St. John's prior to your application as that is the only way you will feel the ethos of JOY evident throughout our wonderful school.  As Headteacher, I am always happy to show you around and show you a little of what makes us so special...


We currently admit a maximum of 30 children into our Reception class each September, with pupils being admitted in the order below:

1. Children who are Looked After

2. Siblings of Children who already attend St. John's

3. How far away you live from the school.


Sefton Council have produced a handy guide (see the downlads section at the bottom of the page) which provides you as parents with all the information required when applying for a place for your child in Reception. The guide includes information on:

  • How applications should be submitted
  • The closing dates and deadlines for applications
  • How the Local Authority processes primary applications
  • What happens if your application is late
  • What to do if you move house during the application period 
  • How and when you will receive your offer of a school place around national offer day


Should you have any questions or require support wth any part of the application process, please feel free to contact either the Headteacher or Office Manager via the details on our contact page on the wesbite.

Sefton admissions can be contacted at


This year, national offer day was Tuesday 19th April 2022. This is the day when parents are notified about places in September 2022.  At St. John's we will be in touch with parents successful in their application for a place at our school shortly after this date.

If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place at St. John's, details about the appeals process can be found at the following page on Sefton's website:


The application window for children to start at St. John's in September 2023 will open in September 2022 and close on January 15th 2023 - further details will be added to our website in the near future.


In-year school transfers

This process is applicable for children who are moving schools part way through their journey. Whether it be for geographical reasons or due to circumstances not working in current settings, we are here to help throughout the process.  Sefton provide information on their website about the process for in year school transfers and they are the best people to contact when considering a move to St. John's as they hold all the information about current spaces and whether there may be a waiting list for certain year groups.

Once you have confirmed there are spaces in the year group required please feel free to ring me for a chat and to arrange a visit if pertinent. I will then be able to guide through the remainder of the process for applications to our school.

Should your child have any additional needs - including a SEND plan - then Sefton may give special consideration for any move to a school taking into account the nature of any need(s) and the school's capacity to meet these needs.  I am more than happy to chat informally with any parent of a child with SEND thinking of moving to us and am more than happy to arrange a call back from our SENDCO, Mrs Preston.

Further details about the process for in-year school transfers can be found on the following page:




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