The Local Governing Body of St John's CE Primary School plays a crucial role in the life and work of our school. It comprises volunteers from the local and wider community, St. John's Church plus the Head teacher and one member of school staff. As of the most recent annual general meeting of governors in October 2021, the governing body of St. John's CE Primary School was agreed as:


Governor Type of governor Appointed or elected Appointed or elected by Date appointed or elected End of term at  AGM
Mr Phil Thomson Headteacher Position n/a   n/a
Rev Chris Gregory Foundation Appointed St. John's Church PCC 2018 2022
Mrs Nicola Macdonald Foundation Appointed St. John's Church PCC 2021 2024
Mrs Kath Frankland Foundation Appointed St. John's Church PCC 2019 2023
Ms Vicki Brown Parent Elected Parents 2019 2023
Mrs Marianne Blackham - Perry Parent Elected Parents 2021


Mrs Anna Taylor Parent Elected Parents 2021 2024
Miss Rachel Halsall Staff Elected Staff 2020 2024
Vacancy Local Authority Appointed Sefton    
Mrs Bina Shukla Co-Opted Appointed Gov Body 2019 2023
Mr Robert Corbett Co-Opted Appointed Gov Body 2019 2023
Ms Cath Ascroft Co-Opted Appointed Gov Body 2021 2023 

We are currently awaiting the appointment of a local authority governor via Sefton. If interested in the role, please contact the office on 01704 227441 and we will provide you with contact details for Governors Services at Sefton LA

Governors undertake their roles and responsibilities through regular meetings as well as immersment in the day to day running of our school. We encourage all governors to get involved in school life, working alongside staff and children so they gain first hand knowledge and understanding of our many successes and areas for development in the future.

Our full governing body meets each term with agendas built around the following key aspects of our school:

  • The quality of Education
  • Resources and Staffing
  • Personal Development and Church School Distinctiveness
  • Behaviour, Attitudes and Safeguarding
  • Leadership and management

Additionally, the Head teacher Appraisal and Pay & Performance committee meets once per year.  Further committees involving our governing body are formed as and when needed. Examples include complaints or appeals (school admissions).


Who are our Governors?

Mr Robert Corbett (Chair of Governors) - Co-opted Governor - formerly a senior local government accountant and senior manager.  Robert was appointed by the Governing body to oversee the School's finances and governance arrangements.  Robert is a long standing governor to the school, who has supported the development of the school under the last four headteachers.

Ms Cath Ascroft (Vice Chair of Governors) - Parent Governor - an experienced journalist working locally.  Cath is a school class volunteer and is also active in the school providing a range of experiences.  She was previously a parent governor but following her son leaving for high school was co-opted onto our Governing Body

Miss Vicki Brown - Parent Governor - an experienced teaching assistant at another Southport School, especially trained in supporting children with specific needs.

Rev'd Chris Gregory - Foundation (Church) Governor - was recently licensed as Assistant Priest to St John Church Crossens and the North Meols Team of ministry.  Rev'd Chris, together with Karen Corbett and senior leaders in school are working closely together to develop the close relationship between School and Church.

Mrs Kath Frankland - Foundation (Church) Governor - was formerly an experienced teaching assistant at another Southport primary school.  Kath is also a school class volunteer helping with reading and pupil support.

Mrs Nicola Macdonald - Foundation (Church) Governor - is an experienced and qualified speech and language therapist who is regularly in the School providing support.  Her two children attended school in the past and she is another long serving member of the Governing Body

Miss Rachel Halsall - Staff Governor - the Class 6 class teacher and member of the senior leadership team, Rachel was elected by the staff to represent them on the Governing Body - originally in 2016. Rachel was then re-elected in 2020.

Mrs Bina Shukla - Co-opted Governor - a certified public accountant in practice, Bina was appointed by the Governing body to provide financial and commercial experience to the management of the school.  Bina is active in the school providing a range of experiences. Bina is also a member of the Governing Body at Stanley High School.  Formerly a parent governor, Bina is a longstanding member of our governing body and was co-opted once her children left St. John's.

Mrs Karen Corbett - Clerk to the Governors - formerly a personal assistant to senior local government leadership and management.  Karen is a Reader at St John's Church and together with the Rev'd Chris and senior leaders in school is developing the close relationship between School and Church.  Karen is also a school class volunteer helping with reading and pupil support.

Mrs Anna Taylor - Parent Governor -  an accounts administrator and also an experienced organiser and commissaire for British Cycling having organised and officiated hundreds of cycle races in the North West and nationally.  Anna is a new class volunteer helping with reading and pupil support in Year 1.’

Marianne Blackham-Perry - Parent Governor - a Marketing Assistant for a leading manufacturer of Holiday Homes. Marianne is an active member of the school PFA and helps arrange events and has good ties within the local community.


Each year at the AGM, governors are required to sign a form declaring any business or financial interests which may conflict with the operation of St. John's.  No interests were declared for 2021/22.  On the agenda for every full governors meeting is an item asking governors to declare any business or financial interests for that particular meeting.

One of our governors - Mrs Bina Shukla - is also a governor another school.  Bina currently serves as a parent governor at Stanley High School where the vast majority of our Year 6 transition to each year.


Each phase has a named governor attached to their phase who visits regularly to sample life within the classroom.  This governor really gets to know the most important people in our school - the children!

Class Lead Teacher Lead Governor
Reception Sarah Gill Nicola Macdonald
Year 1 Emma Thomas
Year 2 Charlotte Preston
Kath Frankland
Year 3 Jasmine Hill
Year 4 Kieran Willmott
Year 5 Gemma Lovelock Karen Corbett
Year 6 Rachel Halsall Robert Corbett


In addition, we have lead governors who undertake specific monitoring roles in such areas as: Maths, English, Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs and Disability and Pupil Premium.

Currently, governors with specific responsibilities are:


Subject Based Governors

Subject Lead Teacher Lead Governor
Maths Gemma Lovelock & Nicola Brown Bina Shukla
English Rachel Halsall and Charlotte Preston Cath Ascroft
R.E. Emma Thomas Chris Gregory


Other Responsibility Based Governors

Area Lead Staff Lead Governor
SEND Charlotte Preston Nicola Macdonald
Health & Safety Phil Thomson Robert Corbett
EYFS Emma Thomas Victoria Brown
Safeguarding(E-safety) Emma Thomas(Gemma Lovelock) Cath Ascroft
Headteacher Well-being Phil Thomson Robert Corbett
Staff Well-being Emma Thomas Bina Shukla


The main work of our Governing Body includes:

  • Acting as a critical friend to St. John's CE Primary School and being accountable for its decisions.
  • Continuously developing the partnership with parents, carers and pupils and seeking their views to help the Governing Body, Senior Leadership Team and all staff in moving the school forward.
  • Establishing the strategic direction of the school by ensuring there is clarity of vision, values and objectives.
  • Agreeing the school improvement strategy with appropriate priorities and targets.
  • Ensuring accountability by appointing and performance managing the Head Teacher.
  • Monitoring the educational performance of the school and progress towards agreed targets.
  • Contributing to the school's self-evaluation.
  • Overseeing financial performance by setting the budget, monitoring spending against the budget and ensuring money is spent well and value for money obtained.

Governor Attendance

Governor attendance is recorded at each meeting and apologies for non-attendance considered.

  Date Started or  Date Resigned 2019/2020       2020/21   2021/22      
re-appointed    AGM       AGM   AGM      
    30-Sep-19 25-Nov-20 16-Mar-20 13-Jul-20 28-Sep-20 05-Jul-21 27-Sep-21 22-Nov-21 24-Jan-22 21-Mar-22
Phil Thomson Headteacher 12th Oct 14   / / / / / / / / / /
Nicola Macdonald Foundation 27th Sept 21   / / / / / / / / / /
Rev Christopher Gregory Foundation 16th Jun 18   / / / Apologies / / / / Apologies /
Kathleen Frankland Foundation 30th Sep 19   / / / / / / / / / Apologies
Bina Shukla Co-opted 27th Sept 21   / / / / / / / / / /
Catherine Ascroft Parent 24th Apr 17 27th Sept 21 / / / / / /        
Catherine Ascroft Co-opted 27th Sept 21               / / Apologies /
Vicki Brown Parent 24th Jun 19   Apologies / Apologies Apologies Apologies / Apologies / Apologies /
Marianne Blackham-Perry Parent 24th Jan 22                   / /
Anna Taylor Parent 24th Jan 22                   / /
Rachel Halsall Staff  27th Sept 21   / Apologies / / / / / / / /
Robert Corbett Co-opted 27th Sept 21   / / / / / / / / / /


St John's CE Primary School Governing Body 2021/22 - contact details

Headteacher: Mr Phil Thomson 

Chair: Mr Robert Corbett

Vice-Chair: Ms Cath Ascroft

Clerk to the Governors: Mrs Karen Corbett