St. John's Church




A message from Rev Chris Gregory: 

Hello everyone I am Father Chris Gregory Assistant Priest at St John’s Church, some of you will know me if you come to our Christingle Service on Christmas Eve. At St John’s we are always delighted when new families come and join in with our Family Services or when we do Messy Church.

The links between School and Church are very strong. It is a delight when the children come into Church and entertain our congregation, on Wednesdays after our short Service of Holy Communion. It is a joy when the children come into Church, this happens several times a year, for Heritage Open days in September, experience Harvest and Experience Easter. The children have also come in to follow an ISpy trail, led by Mrs Corbett.

Other key times for children to come into Church is for the end of term services and it is so good to see parents and carers and school Governors joining in.

In early September I will be writing to year 5 and Year 6 a letter to take home to see if anyone is interested in being Confirmed. This is when children make their next step in their faith journey.

School and Church have done a lot within the community last year helped plant Crocus Bulbs in Botanic Gardens. The children help make Easter Gardens to take home to share the Easter Story.


Wednesday Morning at 10.00 a Service of Holy Communion

Every Sunday we have our again at 10.00am Eucharist Service. On the first Sunday of every Month we have a Family Eucharist we would welcome any family to come along and join with us.

A Sunday Club is held each Sunday at 10.00 for our younger children.

I hope to see you soon when we can share the love of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Feel free to contact me anytime my email address in on the Church Notice Board

God Bless and Every Blessing.


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